THE Wallasey School Uniform Shop, located on Grosvenor Street in Wallasey, shared a statement yesterday (Monday, January 9) thanking its customers for their support as it announced it would be shutting its doors.

The shop will officially close on Wednesday, January 31, and is currently offering 50% off all items.

Shop owner, Lisa Foster, told the Globe: “The cost of living wage keeps going as does the shop’s electricity prices. It’s expensive enough to run as it is so it’s just not viable anymore.

Wirral Globe: The Wallasey School Uniform ShopThe Wallasey School Uniform Shop (Image: The School Uniform Shop Wallasey)

“Since Covid a lot of people have stopped buying new uniforms like they used to. A lot of people are passing uniforms down or getting second hand. Covid didn’t do anyone any favours and then the cost of living hit everyone.”

Following the closure, Lisa, who has owned the business for eight years, is hoping to start another business venture.

She said: “I want to do something new so another reason we’ve decided to close the shop is to pursue a new business venture that I will reveal soon.

“It’s time that I do something I want to do. I just need a change and I need to concentrate on something else that is viable. I’m 50 now and I have a 10-year-old who I want to spend more time with as well.”

Since announcing the closure, Lisa said she has been inundated with messages, calls and visits from her loyal customer base.

She said: “It’s mixed emotions about the closure to be fair. I’m quite sad because over the years you build a rapport with a lot of customers but I’m also quite relieved that I wont have the stress and worrying about letting people down.

“I want to thank everyone for their continued support over the last eight years. We really appreciate it.”