A WOMAN who "followed her dreams" and became a personal trainer has said she is "really proud" after creating her own studio in Hoylake.

Laura Tebby, from Essex, moved to West Kirby at the start of 2023 after meeting a new partner.

Previous to qualifying as a personal trainer, Laura had an office job in marketing and weighed 16 and a half stone, saying she "wasn't happy" with the way she looked.

She said: "I thought it's only myself that can do something about this so I looked into YouTube videos and taught myself lifestyle changes.

"I went down to a size eight to 10 and made certain lifestyle changes for the better."

Wirral Globe: Laura TebbyLaura Tebby (Image: Laura Tebby)

At the beginning of lockdown, Laura was made redundant from her office job so decided to "follow her dream" and set up her own business, Rep Max Fitness.

The 31-year-old added: "The business just organically grew in Essex for about three years. 

"I started by doing free online classes for the community such as legs, bums, and tums sessions on Zoom.

"As lockdown eased I built up my clientele and I was fortunately fully booked, with around 29 long-term clients.

Wirral Globe: Laura and one of her clientsLaura and one of her clients (Image: Laura Tebby)

"Re-locating to West Kirby was scary because my job is the one thing I love doing so I really wanted it to carry on and I wanted to be accepted in a new area."

As a personal trainer, Laura focuses on helping her clients with lifestyle changes, mainly focusing on weight loss and building up strength in your body.

She also focuses on building general confidence and helping people become a "better version of themselves".

"I help clients such as women who have a phobia of the gym or don't generally like the environment", Laura said.

"It's completely non-judgemental, and not your typical gym environment, and it's always personal and bespoke to that one person."

Getting her own studio

After renting out studios to run her classes, Laura has now secured her own studio in Hoylake, on Carham Road.

Speaking about having her own studio, Laura said she is "really proud".

"I don’t feel like it’s sunk in yet but when I got the key I felt really proud.

"I’ve been doing this for four years in January and I’m just really happy and content. 

"It is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I'm one to never really give up on my dreams so I was determined to make it work and have my own space one day so my clients could be in a comfortable safe space.

"I would say to anyone follow your dreams and your passions."

Rep Max Fitness studio will open on Monday, January 15.

You can contact Laura on Facebook here or email info@repmaxfitness.co.uk