A GYM owner is using his platform to support four groups in Wirral that help people in need.

Liam Liversage, from Birkenhead, opened Behind Bars Calisthenics Academy in 2020.

The gym, on Cavendish Street, runs a project called Little Ninjas which is about building strength, confidence, and resilience in local youth.

Liam explained that the gym has "good relationships" with other community groups in the area and has spent the last three years raising money to help them.

Speaking to the Globe, Liam said: "A gym is a place to bring people together and do something to help.

"Anyone who has got that capacity and the reach should be making the effort to do something for the community."

The event

Tomorrow (Saturday, December 9) Liam will be running his annual Christmas fundraiser day to raise money for the Little Centre at Beechwood, the Gautby Road Community Centre in Birkenhead North, the Carrbridge Centre in Woodchurch and Rek 41.

The day will begin at around 7.30am with the men's event, which includes various exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups and 100kg deadlift.

The Ninjas event, which is for the kids, will run from 11.30am-12.30pm, with the women's event ending the day from 1pm-4pm.

Liam, 37, added: "We know how hard it is for families at the moment, and more this year than any other I think.

Wirral Globe: The kids training at the gymThe kids training at the gym (Image: Liam Liversage)

"I always enjoy the event day and visiting the charities to give them their money.

"This fundraising is insignificant to what these volunteers do every day all year round."

Anyone is welcome to attend the event or donate to the Just Giving page, which has already raised over £2,000.

To donate to the fundraiser, click here.