A WIRRAL crocheter has been left "disheartened" after her Christmas post box topper was stolen just five days after it was put up.

The knitter, who wished to remain anonymous, regularly creates post-box toppers at The Crescent for the residents of West Kirby.

This specific topper was what she described as a "special" Christmas knit, as she had recently been in hospital recovering from a heart attack.

Wirral Globe: The topperThe topper (Image: NQ)

Speaking to the Globe, the knitter, from West Kirby, said: "It’s just so upsetting because it took me hours.

"It was a special one for Christmas and it meant a lot to me. I’m so disheartened, it doesn’t look good on West Kirby at all."

The knitter explained that the topper was "loved" by the community of West Kirby.

Wirral Globe: Where the post box is locatedWhere the post box is located (Image: Google Maps)

She added: "I was just hopeful that it wouldn't be stolen so I didn’t put it out online, to keep it low key.

"People in West Kirby absolutely loved it and were taking pictures of it.

"I don’t make them for money or profit. I do it as a labour of love for the community.

"One person has caused all this anxiety, it’s just so horrible."

The post-box toppers are usually taken inside the post office every evening, however, because this topper was made with items such as cocktail sticks and polystyrene, it was too difficult to put on and take off the post box each day.

"Every day there are hundreds of these over the country in all of these places and they’re staying put so why do we have someone in West Kirby taking them?" she said.

"There was absolutely nothing left, not even a piece of polystyrene."

The woman has asked if anyone has any information to visit the Post Office opposite or Shrimp Hairdressers.