CAR windows were vandalised in a New Brighton car park.

At 6.30am this morning (Friday, December 8) a Wirral resident, who wished not to be named, was on their way to work when they noticed that their son's car had been vandalised.

The car, which was parked in the Richmond Street car park in New Brighton, had a smashed window.

A second car, which was parked next to it, had also been vandalised.

Speaking to the Globe, the resident said: "My son works in Wales and had to get a lift off my eldest son after seeing the damage.

"He's paid for a permit to the council to park outside our house but there's no room in the road.

"The same goes for ourselves and other roads adjacent."

A picture shows the damage to one of the car windows.

Wirral Globe: The cars window was completely smashedThe cars window was completely smashed (Image: NQ)

Labour councillor for New Brighton, Tony Jones, said: "This is a disgraceful act of vandalism which should not happen anywhere.

"I have no doubt the council will provide whatever evidence it may have, such as CCTV which covers this area, to assist the police in their investigation and ensure every effort is made to bring those responsible to justice."