WIRRAL has been named in the top ten happiest places to live in the North West.

Rightmove's survey asks residents how they feel about their area based on 13 happiness factors.

These include things like the club-together community spirit of a local area, having green space on the doorstep, or the sense of belonging in a local community.  

This year, more than 26,000 people living in towns, cities and villages across Great Britain have said how they feel about their local areas, and the things that are the most important to them.

This year, Richmond upon Thames in London has been named the happiest place to live by residents. 

Winchester in Hampshire is in second place, and Monmouth in Wales is in third place.

In the North West regional ranks, Wirral took fifth spot and was number 57 in the national rank.

Top 10 happiest places to live in North West England:

  • Kendal - national rank 14
  • Altrincham - national rank 29
  • Chorley - national rank 34
  • Chester - national rank 43
  • Wirral - national rank 57
  • Bury - national rank 59
  • Macclesfield - national rank 62
  • Southport - national rank 74
  • Stockport - national rank 98
  • Northwich - national rank 120

Property expert, Tim Bannister, said: "Searching for new areas outside of the city that are still commutable on office days and looking for cheaper properties that are in need of renovation are just some of the actions we’ve seen determined movers take this year. 

"With the results of this year’s study highlighting that residents continue to value living near green spaces and natural beauty, estate agents who are not already doing so should consider making sure that they clearly highlight nearby green spots to appeal to potential buyers."