INDIVIDUALS and companies have been named on the government's latest list of tax defaulters, including one from Wirral.

HMRC’s Publishing Details of Deliberate Defaulters (PDDD) scheme provides information about people and businesses given financial penalties for failing to comply with tax obligations or deliberately filing errors in tax returns.

Details are published when a person or business has made at least one deliberate default on more than £25,000, according to HMRC.

The list is updated every three months and the information wiped after a year.

In the latest update, those featured included a computer equipment supplier company based in Wirral.

Corestore Ltd

Trade/occupation: Computer equipment supplier 

Address: 8 Erfurt Avenue, Wirral, CH63 7RS

Period of default: September 1 2018 to June 30 2020 and August 1 2020 to February 28 2022

Total amount of tax/duty on which penalties are based: £815,935

Total amount of penalties charged: £514,039.05