A CLINICAL care manager working at an Ellesmere Port care home is aiming to inspire more men to consider careers in the sector.

Chris Ravenscroft, who works at Exemplar Health Care's Cheshire Springs care home in Whitby, is sharing his journey into social care to dispel misconceptions about nursing roles.

Men are significantly underrepresented in social care, with only 19 per cent of the workforce identifying as male (Skills for Care data, 2023).

Working in the field of social care has often been associated with nurturing and caregiving, traits stereotypically viewed as feminine qualities. Men have historically been faced with societal pressures to conform to traditional gender roles which can lead them away from careers in social care.

Chris recently appeared in the #MenCareToo social media campaign for Exemplar Health Care on International Men’s Day which challenged viewers to ‘Imagine a Nurse’ or ‘Imagine a Carer’, before subverting expectations by showcasing some of the brilliant men working across social care. Chris is passionate about sharing his journey in hopes that he inspires other men.

"I had never considered a career in care until my grandfather’s stroke when I found myself assisting him in his daily living. One of my grandfather’s carers said to me ‘You’re a natural at this Chris’. I applied for a job in care and got accepted into university as a nursing student,” Chris said.

Having spent many years working in mental health wards and caring for those with a range of complex needs, Chris was inspired to undertake his master’s degree in personality disorders to further his skillset and enhance the level of care he provides his patients.

This has been extremely valuable to Chris as he’s worked in a broad range of care settings including prisons, rehabilitation centres, accident and emergency and intensive care.

He added: “My favourite part of my job is building relationships with people we support in our homes. Spending so many hours a day with patients, they become part of your family. The more you learn about a person, the more you can bring joy to their lives at a time when they are most in need of it.

“Working in social care is extremely rewarding. Anyone with the right values can pursue a meaningful career in the sector.”

Andy Teare, head of recruitment at Exemplar Health Care said: “Men in care can bring a unique perspective and skill set to the team, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse approach to care-giving and helping us better engage and build strong relationships with some of the people we support. 

“We know that some people living in our homes prefer to have men support them, particularly for tasks such as personal care. However, it’s also really important when we consider the full range of activities, hobbies, and community visits that some of the people we support like to engage in and the practicalities of supporting them to do so. 

“Care is very much a sector that can provide a rich and rewarding career for anyone, including men. Working in care enables people to make a real, meaningful difference to the lives of people using care services and that is something that everybody in society can play a part in.” 

Due to a lack of visibility and representation of males in the social care field, men can fear judgment or face stereotypes about their masculinity if they choose a career in social care.

Chris hopes that by sharing his story he can dispel some of the misconceptions and encourage other men to consider a career in social care.