A GLUTEN-FREE baker praised for baking cakes so good that her customers “can’t tell the difference” is offering one-to-one classes.

Cheryl Galer, from Bidston, began baking for the first time when the Covid-19 lockdown hit and, being celiac herself, she decided to delve into gluten-free baking.

The 46-year-old, who has since built up a loyal regular customer base, is now offering her customers the chance to learn first hand how to bake free-from products.

Wirral Globe: Cheryl Galer with her gluten free certificateCheryl Galer with her gluten free certificate (Image: Cheryl Galer)

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She told the Globe: “I’m trying to spread the word about gluten-free diets so I’m now going to be bringing people into my house and teaching them how to make all the classics.”

Those interested in the one-to-one classes will learn how to create everyday bakes including apple crumble, Victoria sponge, scones, and cheesecake during a two-hour session.

Wirral Globe: Gluten free Victoria sponge cakeGluten free Victoria sponge cake (Image: Cheryl Galer)

Cheryl said: “I specialise in cakes and birthday cakes, but my passion is British traditional cakes so decided I want to start with teaching those recipes to try and build people’s confidence and show them how to use gluten-free ingredients, how to bake safely and make sure their kitchen is a safe area so there’s no cross-contamination.”

Wirral Globe: Gluten free cake made by Cheryl GalerGluten free cake made by Cheryl Galer (Image: Cheryl Galer)

The classes are suitable for people of all levels and will begin on February 1, 2024. Those interested can register here.

Cheryl said: “The classes are for anybody that wants to be able to bake gluten-free bakes. I want people to understand how good gluten-free can be and to be able to do it for themselves, their friends, or family.

“Someone might have been making cakes at home for a lot of their life and has suddenly been diagnosed as celiac and are unsure what to do but I can teach them some simple swaps and make them feel better.

“I know a lot of people who really struggle and think they can’t eat anything. I am bringing people into my home and my kitchen where I do all my gluten-free baking and teaching them what I know and making them feel like it’s not a daunting experience going onto a gluten-free diet.”