A WOMAN has created a Santa's Grotto in her front garden so less fortunate children "don't miss out" this Christmas.

Eve Waddington, from Birkenhead but now living in Ellesmere Port, has been creating Christmas displays at her home for the community since Covid. 

This year, she was going to raise money for a breast cancer charity, however, after seeing "people struggling to get basics like food" in the area, she decided to create a Santa's Grotto in her garden for children and families to visit for free.

Speaking to the Globe, she said: "The prices of grottos this year is ridiculous and for people who have got a few kids, most of the grottos I’ve seen this year are like £20 or more.

"I don't think kids should have to miss out on getting festive if the parents can’t afford it."

In Eve's garden, on Luton Road, there is a big tent set up with lights, inflatables, sweets and a letter box so children can post their Christmas lists to Santa.

Wirral Globe: Kids can write letters to Santa and take sweetsKids can write letters to Santa and take sweets (Image: Eve Waddington)

The 38-year-old added: "Some people have come round with their children who are autistic and they have said because they’re kids become overwhelmed in a grotto it’s a lot easier to take them in there.

"It’s quite sensory and I’ve got an autistic child myself so I know what it’s like when they get overwhelmed."

Eve's display includes a 12 and a half foot Grinch, a six foot snowman and gingerbread man and a blow up Santa.

Wirral Globe: Inside the grottoInside the grotto (Image: Eve Waddington)

"Every kid deserves to feel festive and every parent shouldn’t be worried about not being able to take their kids somewhere", Eve explained.

"People are more than welcome to go in whenever they want and write a letter to Santa and take some sweets."

You can visit the Santa's Grotto everyday from 3pm.