MYSTERY surrounds a visit to Wirral this week by notorious 90s chart toppers The KLF.

In the guise of The Timelords, electronic music duo Bill Drummond and Wirral-born Jimmy Cauty topped the UK singles chart with Doctorin’ The Tardis and as The KLF, crafted classic rave hits such as 3am Eternal, What Time Is Love? and Last Train to Trancentral.

The band imploded in 1994 in a headline-grabbing act of nihilism on the Scottish island of Jura when they burnt a million pounds.

 In 2017, in Liverpool, 23 years after they burnt a million pounds, Drummond and Cauty returned as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (The JAMs), launching a novel, 2023: A Trilogy, and staging a three day event, Welcome to the Dark Ages.

The JAMs also announced new plans for a People's Pyramid to be built from bricks each containing 23 grams of human ashes. New bricks will be laid at the annual Toxteth Day Of The Dead which takes place on November 23.

Cauty and Drummond are working on the project, and set up a process and a website - MuMufication - where people can sign up to be interred in the Pyramid for £99.

This Thursday the Florrie venue in Toxteth will host the 'Skool of Death' after which events move to Future Yard in Birkenhead.

A statement on Future Yard's website said: "Join K2 Plant Hire Ltd, the Pyramid People and the Brick Kin of those to be MuMufied this year, and witness new Bricks of Mu being laid in the People’s Pyramid.

"Proceedings start with The Skool of Death at the Florrie in Toxteth, followed by the processing of The People’s Pyramid on its foundation stone across the Mersey and on to Future Yard.

"Then there’s the serious business of The Bricklaying Ceremony where we honour the dead and the yet to be dead by building The People’s Pyramid. Festivities finish off with DJs, food and drink at the After-Life Party until late."

A statement on said: "The People’s Pyramid will be a solid brick monument made of 34,592 Bricks of Mu. Each brick contains a small portion of a person’s cremated remains.

"MuMufication is a new form of memorialisation, both a funeral ceremony and a celebration of life, for like-minded people irrespective of creed or background.

"Having a small portion of cremated human remains fired into a Brick of Mu and laid in the People’s Pyramid is known as MuMufication.

"New Bricks of Mu are ceremonially laid on the 23rd November each year.

"The final location for the People’s Pyramid is yet to be found.

"The Bricks of Mu laid so far rest on the People’s Pyramid Foundation Stone, quarried locally from Liverpool, and kept inside a shipping container.

"During the brick laying ceremony people gather together to witness new Bricks of Mu being laid, to hear about the people entering the Pyramid and to watch the People’s Pyramid being built. The rituals around this evolve and change from year to year."

The JAMs, The KLF and K2 Plant Hire Ltd were all approached for comment.