AN AMUSEMENT centre has issued a statement after an inflatable slide collapsed while children were inside.

At around 12.30pm today (Saturday, November 18) emergency services were called to Adventureland on Marine Promenade in New Brighton after reports that an inflatable slide had deflated and trapped children.

A spokesperson from Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service said firefighters entered and confirmed that all persons were accounted for and provided general assistance.

Since the incident, Wilkie Leisure Group, who own Adventureland, have apologised to its customers.

In a statement, David Wilkie of Wilkie Leisure Group said: “Shortly after 12.30 today a visitor to Adventureland - possibly a child - moved a safety barrier and switched off the Pirate Inflatable, causing it to collapse while children were inside.

“Parents naturally panicked and attempted to release their children, with one using a knife to slash the fabric. The fire brigade was called and emergency services attended but left shortly afterward, having investigated, as the cause was discovered.

“Children and parents were left shaken, but no physical harm was reported. All our equipment is safety checked daily. I am very sorry this incident occurred and will take further steps to ensure it can't happen again. Parents are advised to keep sight of their children. Safety is a paramount concern for me. I can be contacted at”