A HUB in Seacombe that believes "everyone deserves to be part of a community" has received a generous donation from a company to help with their core costs.

Nicola-Fenton Buckley, 43, and her daughter Hannah Fenton (23) opened Diversity Hub 67 in September 2022 after looking for a change in careers.

The pair wanted to do something beneficial for the community and after some research, they saw a "need for charity services in Seacombe". 

Speaking to the Globe, Nicola said: "When a property became available on St. Paul's Road we decided to take the leap and open up the hub,

"We are passionate about tackling deprivation and loneliness, and believe everybody should have access to food, essentials, and companionship, so decided to focus D Hub on offering all of these things under one roof."

Generous donation

Cheryl Watt shared the hub's story with her company, Wates Family Enterprise, who were impressed by their objective and donated £6000 towards their core costs.

Nicola added: "We would like to thank Wates Family Enterprise and Cheryl Watt for the incredibly kind donation of £6000 to Diversity Hub 67 C.I.C., specifically to contribute towards core costs.

"Cheryl has been a wonderful support to the hub since our opening in September 2022, and continues to be there and fully support our services.

"The hub was founded on the belief that every person, irrespective of their background or situation, deserves to be a part of a community that understands, supports and uplifts them.

"Mental health is a shared concern, and we're passionate about ensuring no one faces these challenges in isolation.

"We offer a range of groups and activities, many including free meals ensuring no one goes hungry. We also offer a wide range of services including affordable hairdressing, second-hand goods and free daily surplus food - working in partnership with Liverpool and Wirral Zero Waste - helping to significantly reduce local food waste and save the community money.

"None of this would be possible without the kind donations that we receive from our funders."

The hub is located at 67 St. Paul's Road, Seacombe, CH44 7AJ.

For more information, visit here.