A WOMAN left Colombia and opened her dream cake shop after falling in love with a man from Wirral.

Laura Alejandra, 31, met her husband Sam Johnson while working in Gran Canaria.

Laura and Sam volunteered working with the youth at the international church. Initially unable to speak each other’s languages, they used Google Translate to communicate and soon fell head over heels for each other.

Laura told the Globe: “We completely fell for each other and soon Sam asked my father for his blessing to marry me. We had a beautiful bi-lingual wedding in Gran Canaria and our families met each other for the first time. When Sam had to return to the UK we spent most of our savings to get me a Visa to follow him — however that turned into a nightmare.”

Laura was forced to wait months for her visa to be approved putting her new life in Wirral on hold and leaving her in limbo in Spain.

She pined for her new husband until finally, she arrived at Manchester Airport on Christmas Eve 2019 to the biggest hug from the love of her life.

Laura said: “That moment at the airport was one I will never forget and our hug was the biggest we’d ever had. I was so happy to be in the UK with my love and settle in but then of course lockdowns started just a few months later, so my integration into the UK was not easy.

“As soon as I could get out socialising I learnt how kind the people are here. Members from our church donated us furniture for our new home and I was welcomed by all the locals. I got a job working at a local coffee shop and there I got to meet so many wonderful local people.”

Laura perfected the English language, did a Masters in Developing Businesses and began to engage in outreach work helping refugees and working with Street Safe to support sex workers whilst she worked in the coffee shop. Then, in November 2022, her childhood dream became true when a small commercial unit became available on Market Street.

Laura opened Abba Cakes on Market Street in November 2022, baking and selling artisan delights such as brownies and lemon drizzle cakes and also creating celebration cakes for special occasions.

Wirral Globe: Abba Cakes in HoylakeAbba Cakes in Hoylake (Image: La Vida Liverpool)

Now approaching the shop’s 1st birthday, she has provided in the region of over 700 bespoke cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more.

Laura said: “I have always loved feeding people  it’s my love language  but what I love the most is bringing smiles to people’s faces, memorable moments through my creations. Through Abba Cakes I aim to bring bright colours to people’s day and if I can to their lives.“

“Ever since I was a little child watching my father and grandmother bake and watching Teo in the bakery, I dreamt of having my own cake shop. I had no idea it would be in a little seaside town in the UK though! It’s crazy how God takes you down a certain road. It was tough at first but I am so happy here in Hoylake! This is my home now.”