A FIRST-LOOK video of ITVX commissioned scouse comedy G’Wed, written by a man from Wirral, has been released. 

Facilitated by the Liverpool Film Office, the series was filmed across Wirral, Liverpool and Sefton over the summer months and features an "exciting cast of young talent alongside established actors".

Written by Danny Kenny, from Wallasey, and produced by Golden Path Productions Ltd, the six-part series is an uplifting, heart-warming and hilarious portrayal of teenagers today and how they view the world. 

It delves into the working-class culture of ‘surviving with a sense of humour’ with the distinctive voice of Liverpool and the lived experience of kids from the city, tackling issues such as grief, sex, diversity and class differences.

In an interview with the Globe earlier this year, Danny, 37, said: "It's all been a bit surreal.

"I was a bit worried at first because I want people to enjoy it and I want it to be as funny as it can be.

"The world is a little more scrutinised at the moment and I want to show a modern take on teenagers and how they are working themselves through that world and how the world is changing.

"There's always a block of flats or a council estate but I want to show the fun and laughter of working-class kids."

Wirral Globe: G'Wed will premiere next yearG'Wed will premiere next year (Image: ITVX)

Who are the characters?

From Reece, the anti-hero at the heart of the show, a superficially misbehaving, potty-mouthed lad, who constantly surprises, whether that be quoting Mother Teresa, his knowledge of the work of John Steinbeck or his incredibly mature take on grief, to Aimee – ferociously determined, go-getting and emotionally mature – G’wed showcases a part of the country, and a bunch of characters, that you rarely see on TV.

Executive Producer Mario Stylianides, founder of Golden Path Productions, said: "Danny’s brilliant scripts gave us the tools to start the search to find the very best new acting talent in Liverpool.

"Guided by casting director Harry Gilbert, we undertook a long and thorough casting process and we uncovered some amazing new actors. We are so excited to start filming with them in the Summer and can’t wait to show them off to the world."

ITV’s Head of Comedy Nana Hughes said: "G’wed sees an extremely exciting group of new talent hit our screens, most of whom will be seen for the first time.

"Danny captures youthful working-class banter perfectly."

Danny added: "Being from a working-class background I’m fascinated by how your upbringing can shape you, so it’s really important to me that the show challenges stereotypes, I want each character to constantly surprise, reflecting a more genuine and well-rounded take on the people of Liverpool."

The new six-part comedy G’wed will premiere on ITVX in 2024.