FIRE crews were called to a park in Bromborough on Bonfire Night after gangs of youths were seen throwing wheelie bins onto a fire.

At around 7.23pm yesterday evening (Sunday, November 5) firefighters were called to Bromborough Rake playground after a number of wheelie bins were set on fire.

A fire engine arrived on the scene at 7.29pm and extinguished the fire.

Wirral Globe: Gangs of youths could be seen putting wheelie bins onto a fireGangs of youths could be seen putting wheelie bins onto a fire (Image: Facebook)

A spokesperson for Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service told the Globe: “Fire crews were called to a fire in a park in the vicinity of Bromborough Rake yesterday evening. Crews were alerted at 7.23pm and on scene at 7.29pm, with one fire engine in attendance.

“The fire crew arrived to find a number of wheelie bins in a playground near to a tree well alight. The fire was extinguished with a main hose jet and the crew left the scene at 7.40pm.”

A video circulating social media showed a group of children pulling wheelie bins and throwing them onto the fire. The user who posted the video said: "Kids with nothing better to do on bonfire night if anyone's missing a bin around Palatine Road/Mark Rake area these are probably the reason."

One person commented: "I hope their parents have to pay for the bins They are not cheap it might teach them a lesson."

Another said: "It’s vandalism. If it was my son doing this he would be in so much trouble and made to pay for the bin. Then again my son would know this is wrong."

A third added: "So selfish. Hope their parents have the decency to pay you back but I doubt it."