A WIRRAL woman who finds art an "escapism" has been brightening the windows of people's homes with her work.

Alexandra Thompson, from Moreton, has been interested in art since she was at school.

She decided to pursue a professional career in art during lockdown after attending weekly classes in Manchester while she was working at a supermarket.

Speaking to the Globe, she said: "I would lay all my drawings on the floor and I had so many so I thought do you know what I’ve decided I love this so much I'm going to do it properly."

After moving back to the Wirral, Alexandra took herself over to Liverpool where she met with lots of new artists and got into graffiti and window art. In April 2022 she officially registered her business ALTagg.

Now, Alexandra does a range of different work, from murals to canvases to painting people's windows in their homes.

Wirral Globe: One of Alexandra's muralsOne of Alexandra's murals (Image: Alexandra Thompson)

The 30-year-old added: "Window art is a great way to offer art at a cheaper rate. 

"I love being able to offer my windows at a great price which is affordable.

"The window art I do is quite seasonal. I did a few Halloween designs this year and I am booked up for Christmas.

Wirral Globe: Christmas window designChristmas window design (Image: Alexandra Thompson)

"I’m so excited to be pushed out of my comfort zone this year and I have some exciting pieces coming up."

Speaking about her artwork, Alexandra said: "I love painting for myself because it’s an escapism.

"It’s relaxing for me. Ultimately, I love painting for other people, it’s great seeing people with smiles on their faces.

"It's important to find something that makes you happy and I'm lucky that I’ve found something that makes me jump out of bed in the morning.

"I still need to work a normal job because I can’t rely on artwork entirely but it keeps me going. I am lucky that I have found something that does excite me and doesn’t feel like work."

To find out more about ALTagg visit here.