A MAN with an interest in ghosts and paranormal activity is seeking to collect information from anyone who has experienced an unexplainable event on a particular Wirral road.

Dr Rob Gandy, 72, is an investigator who aims to collect people's stories who have been involved in a ghostly experience.

Speaking to the Globe, he said: "Like every person I got an interest in ghosts when I was young when you read or see films such as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickins. 

"It's carried on ever since then and I'm a great believer in family lore, the experiences people have and only tell their friends or family.

"People don't necessarily like to advertise or publicise that they've had one of these experiences, because of fear of ridicule."

Dr Gandy's interest in urban legends developed as he was approached by people with their stories of "genuinely inexplicable events" on roads across up and down the country.

"I always anonymise and think that if these things aren't written down they will be forgotten about", he said. 

Where is the Wirral road in question?

As he lives in Wirral, Dr Gandy was particularly intrigued to be told that on Rivacre Road, from Overpool in Ellesmere Port to Eastham village, a mother and daughter have twice had "incomprehensible experiences whilst driving along it".

Wirral Globe: Where Rivacre Road is situatedWhere Rivacre Road is situated (Image: Google Maps)

He said: "On one occasion a car coming towards them suddenly and sharply turned off the road, but when they reached the spot where this had happened, they saw that there was no turn-off, just a hedge – and there was no sign of the car. It had completely disappeared.

"The other time, a man unexpectedly stepped out in front of their car, and they thought that they had run him over. When they stopped and looked around, there was no-one and nothing to be seen."

Dr Gandy would like people to get in touch with him if they have either had a similar experience themselves first-hand, or second-hand.

He added: "It would be really helpful if the (approximate) date and time of day, and location on the road could be specified.

"I will then carefully collate and analyse such responses to see if I can shed further light on the phenomenon.

"I would like to stress that neither of the events I describe above were where the ‘memorial tree’ (which marks the scene of a tragic accident in 2017) is situated, and were in different places on the road."

People can they send their stories and details to Rob by email at gandy31@ntlworld.com, and should provide their name and contact details in case of any queries.

Alternatively, they can phone him on 0151 334 9248. All responses are treated in complete confidence.