FITNESS has always been a passion for Hayley Ryder.

She was sport-mad as a child and wanted to take this love for sport and fitness into her professional life.

Here, in our latest Business of the Week feature, Hayley tells us about running a successful fitness business and what her personal and professional goals are for 2024.

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What’s the name of the business?

HR Elite personal training and fitness

What’s the address?

I’m based in Ellesmere Port and work online.

Are you the owner/manager?


Hayley has created a supportive, friendly vibe at her classes

Hayley has created a supportive, friendly vibe at her classes

When did you open the business?

I’ve been in this business for 15 years.

Has it always been in the same location?

No, I have used different venues over the years. I mostly work at Whitby Sports and Social Club in Ellesmere Port.

Are you local to the area? Did you grow up here?

I live about 10 mins from Ellesmere Port but my base has always been here for classes. I love the people and they work so hard.

Tell me a bit about your business

My business is a huge part of my life and I have worked so hard to achieve the success I have today. I have been in the fitness industry for years and have always had a passion for sport and changing people’s views of fitness. I offer an online fitness programme as well as face to face classes and 1:1 personal training sessions. I have a huge following of lovely clients who remain loyal and hardworking, no matter I throw at them. I am a multi award-winning trainer with three Britain’s Female PT of the Year. I like to think I’m friendly and approachable and the results I’ve helped my clients achieve have been life-changing.

What do you do? What services do you provide?

I offer women the chance to train in the comfort of their own home with a variety of sessions that are sent to them each week. It’s a lovely group of like-minded women that help to encourage and support one another to achieve their absolute best. I like to make exercise fun and varied and somewhere that everyone can work out and feel at ease with my guidance and support. I offer several weekly classes that have a great atmosphere and challenge people’s fitness levels.

Hayley has been in the fitness business for 15 years

Hayley has been in the fitness business for 15 years

Why did you decide to open your own business?

I have always enjoyed running classes and I have been lucky enough to expand on this over the years. I have added several qualifications to my CV and I have a great following of wonderful members who have all supported me on my business venture.

What’s your business background?

I come from a childcare background having worked with children with special needs. I completed a degree in childcare and education and I used to teach children’s netball. I helped many of the teams achieve first place in tournaments and local competitions. I then wanted to teach adults and went on to complete several qualifications so I could teach and improve people’s fitness safely and effectively.

Why this type of business?

This type of business has always been my passion. I was keen to play school sports in local teams and fitness has always been massive to me. I know how important it is for people mentally and this is huge. I like to think I’m making a difference.

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect your business?

It was during the pandemic that I took the leap to start online classes as I literally had no option. Local halls closing and being self-employed was very scary - I had to act fast and I’m so pleased I did. While people have now returned to face to face classes, the online classes are still there to help those who find this type of training more suitable to their home life.

What makes your business different to others in the same area/field? What sets your business apart from your competitors?

I feel what makes my business different and sets it apart from others is the “fitness family” and support network I have created. It’s not a case of working out on your own - it’s a community of like-minded people who are there with my guidance to make the best version of themselves. It’s about building women and men up to their absolute best while still having a life! It’s inclusive to people of all ages, all sizes and all abilities and I ensure everyone feels at ease and is supported no matter what challenges they face in their life. I’m often described as a counsellor and like the mum of the group, which I hope makes me an approachable person.

Hayley collecting Female PT of the Year 2023

Hayley collecting Female PT of the Year 2023

Why do loyal customers return to your business?

My clients say working out with me is fun. They say there are no other classes like mine and they feel they aren’t on their own - I love this!

What’s next? What do the next few months hold for you and your business?

Over the next few months I want to keep my members motivated as Christmas is always a tricky time with all the temptations. I have a few things up my sleeve for next year and I am working on challenges of fitness that women face as they get older, which I’m hoping will help more members achieve their goals. My personal goal is to keep up the success and keep helping people change their lives. I want to continue giving people a better quality of life when they get older. I’d also love to do another event next year to raise money for a charity close to my heart, in memory of my daughter Nevaeh.