A WIRRAL florist is joining a cross-Atlantic effort to pay it forward with a random act of kindness.

On Wednesday, October 18, Eden Floral Design on Banks Road, West Kirby is joining forces with other florists across the world to surprise unsuspecting passersby in Wirral with two free flower bouquets - One to keep and one to give to a friend, family member, colleague, or a total stranger.

The random act of kindness initiative called Petal It Forward was first launched in the USA but the Society of American Florists in 2015. Now, for the first time, the campaign is being run in the UK and coordinated by Good Florist Guide

Owner of the florist, Trish Collins Morgan, told the Globe: “The original idea of ‘keep one, share one’, started in 2015, after statistics showed that while 80 percent of people reported receiving flowers makes them happy, 88 percent said that giving flowers makes them happy.

“As florists, we see this all the time so on Petal It Forward day we want to give even more people the chance to experience both. Flowers have a unique ability to make you smile.

“We are so excited to be taking part in the UK’s first Petal It Forward. We love our West Kirby folk and yes, the ink is still drying on Santa List but when we were given the opportunity to participate with just 15 other florists across the UK we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss

“So, on Wednesday we will be heading out during the day and gifting two bouquets to 22 people, hoping you will keep one and enjoy it, but you must pass the second one on to spread the love.”