CONTROVERSIAL Wirral referee Mike Dean is shown bringing VAR technology to bingo in a new spoof video.

In the amusing clip, Mecca Bingo say they have enlisted the former Premier League official to trial BAR (Bingo Assistant Referee) - a "state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology system designed to keep bingo players on track and verify jackpot claims".

According to Mecca Bingo, BAR technology will "capture every moment in high-definition, allowing Mike’s trained Mecca officials to track every call and every dab to precisely identify any errors.

"Yellow cards will be issued to customers who make false claims. Get a red and Mike'll suggest customers move to their own table to focus.

"Captured footage shows Mike Dean training Mecca staff on player management, and how to use BAR to ensure that all bingo claims are verified and prizes are fairly awarded. And of course, the whipped cream used for Mecca’s delicious desserts now doubles as vanishing spray - used by Mike to keep any over excited players at bay whilst results are being checked."

Dean said; “It’s been tremendous fun bringing a touch of top-quality refereeing to Mecca Bingo. Like football, bingo is a beautiful game full of passion and excitement. 

"In truth, I had never expected to swap footballs for bingo balls, but the launch of B.A.R made it an easy decision - a little bit extra officiating never hurt anyone. We’ll be double checking the next jackpot claim!” 

Mike Sime, head of Bingo at Mecca Bingo, added: “It’s perhaps not been the best of weeks for VAR – but we remain undeterred.

"We’re really excited to be trialling the introduction of this impeccable technology into bingo. And we’re absolutely delighted that one of the greatest Premier League referees, Mike Dean, has switched play to Mecca. Good process.”