A musical clearly egged on by the telly trailblazers of Spitting Image, The Thick of It and Have I Got News for You is bound to be a mould-breaking piece of theatrical entertainment.

These three landmark satirical TV inspirations are inter-weaved into a fizzy and fun rock opera.

This two-hour production (including interval) gets my vote for it's all-encompassing entertainment value.

Creative collaborators since the 90s Harry Hill and Steve Brown here present a fast-paced, highly enjoyable musical courtesy of a hugely versatile nine-strong cast who clearly love the job of bringing the life and career of New Labour's Tony Blair to the masses.

It celebrates his achievements and recalls his failures in equal measure.

It is daft in places, powerful in others and never, ever dull.

Director Peter Rowe masterfully includes all musical genres from the West End to Broadway and Vaudeville.

Everyone gets hit with the metaphorical jester's stick.

Former cabinet ministers, public figures and world leaders are lovingly lampooned in song and dance.

And while the emphasis is on visual comedy and slapstick there are many thought-provoking moments to digest.

And what a cast of characters to play around with.

Oxford-educated aspiring musician Tony Blair is played with wide-grinning panache by Jack Whittle and Tori Burgess is spot on with her Cheri Blair Scouse accent.

Howard Samuels excels in his portrayal of Peter Mandelson - enjoying the chance to ad-lib with the audience at every opportunity.

Phil Sealey's Gordon Brown meanwhile pulls a lot of punches All of Labour's big names from the past are created with cartoon-esque relish.

The first-rate score is played by an on-stage three-piece band who can sure rock when they need to on a collection of catchy songs notably The Princess and the Pop Prime Minister and I NevercDone Anything Wrong.

There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and you start to feel guilty about giggling at some surreal events that really did happen in our lifetime.

This is the last week of a UK tour ( and what great timing for the Labour Party Conference here in Liverpool) and is well worth catching - no matter what your politics are.

This is a very relevant show. It is tastelessly bold, brash and brutal but there is a message at the end.

It works on two levels: highlighting Tony Blair's considerable achievements while covering his tragic fall from grace.

Now we need Harry and Steve and this excellent company to come up with Maggie! The Margaret Thatcher Rock Opera . . . to see and be amazed at another strange-but-true story of UK politics.

Verdict: Four stars

A laughter landslide

The production is on until Saturday.

Tickets from 0151 709 4776