THE headteacher of a Wirral has said today will be a "difficult day" for students after two people died when a school coach crashed on the M53 motorway.

It overturned on the northbound section near junction five at Hooton at around 8am on Friday and a total of 58 people were involved, including the two fatalities.

Both 15-year-old West Kirby Grammar School pupil, Jessica Baker, and the 40-year-old driver, Steven Shrimpton, sadly died in the incident. 

Stephen Gray, headteacher at Calday Grange Grammar School, one of the schools the overturned coach was taking students to, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I think in the circumstance they're managing really well.

"It never ceases to amaze me, the human spirit really.

"I was there on Friday at the clearing station where they were taking the casualties and there's a real sense of togetherness and obviously dealing with the situation and people really were fantastic and stuck together to work through it.

"So we envisage it being a difficult day, it was a difficult day Friday."

Mr Gray confirmed staff will be travelling on buses to reassure students following the crash.

He said: "Well first of all we have staff travelling on the buses, we thought that was important.

"There will be obviously angst about travelling to school in the first place. So we are working with West Kirby in terms of staffing the buses.

"Also we have the police on site all week with us. We have specialist mental health support coming in from the NHS, and we also have our own staff as well.

"And as you know, with incidents like this, there's never a set way of dealing with it, people react in different ways and often want to talk to people and make them feel comfortable, so staff will be available including myself. So it's again it's everybody pulling together."

A headteacher has said his school is offering support to a student who was badly injured when a school bus crashed on a motorway.

Asked for an update on the condition of a student who suffered "very bad injuries" on Friday, Mr Gray added: "I believe, well it's a difficult situation. I can't really, you know, go into too much detail on that.

"We've heard from the family over the weekend. We sent our best wishes. But it's very difficult. Obviously two people have lost their lives, sadly. And then obviously, as you were saying there, two students have been been badly injured, one particularly so.

"It's very difficult but we'll be in contact with the family and offer whatever support we can."