THERE aren’t many places you can enjoy a workout or fitness class inside a renovated church.

Lenny Atherton moved his Dream Body gym to the neglected Manor Church in Wallasey last year and the venue has just been named Wirral’s Best Gym 2023.

Each week, we will be searching for the best Wirral has to offer in different categories and we’ve given out 16 awards for 2023.

The winners so far:

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Best for Nails – Ebony J Nails & Beauty

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Best for Breakfast – Twenty Sixteen

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Best for Kids – Spanish Tots and Bebes

Voting for Wirral’s Best Beer Garden is currently taking place and we’re also looking for nominations in our latest search - Best for Afternoon Tea.

Next on the list was the search for Wirral’s Best Gym and Dream Body Health, Fitness and Nutrition took the latest Best of 2023 crown.

Gym owner Lenny Atherton and fiancee Shanice Mason

Gym owner Lenny Atherton and fiancee Shanice Mason

Lenny owns the business and runs it with fiancée Shanice Mason.

He has been a personal trainer since 2010 and run bootcamps and fitness classes across Wirral before opening a gym on Borough Road in Seacombe in 2019.

The now award-winning gym moved to the derelict church last year after the previous building sustained significant storm damage and Lenny, together with friends and family, spent 10 months renovating the old church.

Lenny said: “We are a family-run gym and we pride ourselves on creating a unique community feel where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

“The gym is for everyone.

“I got into health and fitness as my dad passed away at a very young age and most of his health issues where the result of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

“I spent ten years in the military which meant I was pretty fit when I left so it made sense.

“I’ve learned along the way and built up from doing outdoor bootcamps to the business I have today, which continues to grow year after year.”

Dream Body is in the disused Manor Church in Wallasey

Dream Body is in the disused Manor Church in Wallasey

What do members think about the gym? Why did they want Dream Body to win our latest Best of 2023 title?

Happy gymgoers say there is “no doubt, this is the best gym ever” and “it’s the best place to go for a workout”.

They like the amazing staff and the support they receive each time they visit.

Lenny said: “Our current premises give us a lot of character and is a unique setting to workout.

“I've always believed the biggest selling point of my business is myself and my staff and how we treat people.

“We always make them feel welcome while they are with us.

“Every day is different at the gym and we have so much fun at work – it’s like one big family and all the staff are really close.

“It's not even like work!”

The hard-working team at Dream Body

The hard-working team at Dream Body

When Lenny and the team heard they’d made the shortlist for Wirral’s Best Gym they felt proud and humbled particularly reading the reasons why members had nominated them for the award.

Lenny said: “It’s great to know how our members feel and that we are doing something right.

“It feels great to win, especially after all the hard work relocating last year as it was so stressful but worth it in the end.

“We have the best gym members, hands down, and I really appreciate all their continued support.

“I'll forever be grateful.”

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Lenny and his team spent 10 months renovating the derelict church on Manor Road

Lenny and his team spent 10 months renovating the derelict church on Manor Road