LEWIS Caroll was the master of logic as well as surrealism.

Yet even he would be scratching his head at this new all-singing, all-dancing alternative interpretation of his creation - Alice in Wonderland.

But before long he would be joining in and clapping along to this lively, ambitious semi-panto version.

This family show does take time to get going and maybe the narrative needs sharpening up as we meet Alice ... through the stereo speakers ...

A thoughtful Alice reflects on her birthday. She is at loggerheads with her brother Lewis and they both miss their inspirational father.

A broken stereo machine needs fixing.

It has history and contains musical memories.

Enter the White Rabbit (here called Eject) and Alice is on a journey.

We soon discover all the familiar Alice in Wonderland characters are named after machine pieces: Play, Forward, Rewind and Pause.

You get the picture. This is where the White Rabbit (Myles Miller) could break the fourth wall even more to keep us all updated on the story's curious plot.

High-tech savvy Alice is played by the ever- accomplished Paislie Reid.

Paislie always connects with her audience from the outset.

There are strong performances throughout from this group of talented actor-musicians who provide a variety of original balked and rap songs from Vikki Stone.

Director Kate Wasserberg keeps the pace fast and frenetic in this two-hour production (including interval).

It certainly rock and rolls along on a chess floor set with all the activity taking place within a giant stereo system set from designer Mark Bailey.

The costumes from Mark are bright and colourful, too.

There is one huge special highlight - notably the larger-than-life character of Jabberwock (Tomi Ogbaro) who would not look out of place in an episode of Dr Who.

He is an instant hit - visually and humour-wise.

And the shy Mock Turtle (Steve Simmonds) comes out of his shell to play some impressive guitar work.

There's also sublime cello playing from Zweyla Mitchell dos Santos.

The ensemble cast all enjoy a rousing finale for this curious and hugely entertaining piece of midsummer musical madness.

Globe verdict: 4 Stars - Alice in Boogieland

The production is on until July 22

Tickets from 0151 709 4776