A MAN from Bebington who won £99,000 on a quiz show over the weekend has said he is "overwhelmed" by the response he has had following his big win.

On Saturday (April 29) Daniel O’Halloran, who currently lives in Rock Ferry, came face to face with 99 other contestants on ITV’s The 1% Club.

The logic-based quiz show, hosted by Lee Mack, saw Daniel become the last player standing, and offered the chance to take home £10,000 or answer one final question to win the £99k.

Daniel explained that after filming the episode in July last year, he told his family he had only won the £10,000 and they only found out he had gambled when watching the live episode on Saturday evening.

Wirral Globe: A video capturing Daniel's mum's reaction to the winA video capturing Daniel's mum's reaction to the win (Image: Daniel O'Halloran)

Since the episode aired, Daniel told the Globe it has been an “overwhelming” few days.

“It’s just been nuts”, Daniel said.

“I never thought about it but keeping it a secret from parents has really gripped everyone hasn’t it? I only did it for them.

“It’s even been on Lad Bible, and I’ve had people who I know in Australia find out about it which is just crazy.”

Daniel has appeared on BBC Radio Merseyside, along with several national newspapers.

“I wasn’t born on the Wirral, I was actually born in Swindon, then lived in Oxfordshire, but it’s been nice to be claimed as from Wirral, and it felt nice getting nice messages closer to home,” Daniel added.

“It’s just overwhelming to be honest, I just never thought after all this time waiting it would go this crazy.

“I’ve had people saying they can’t escape my face and all this! My family have just been loving it as well which has been great. It’s just been a whirlwind.”

Wirral Globe: Daniel on the day of filmingDaniel on the day of filming (Image: Daniel O'Halloran)

Daniel has also been recognised in the street by strangers which he says has been “crazy” and his “minor bit of fame”.

“I’ve been noticed by people who already knew me but also random strangers in the street have come up to me like ‘are you the 1% guy?’ and I’ve tried to say no sometimes but they just don’t believe me,” he said.

“I just can’t keep up with all of the messages and comments. Everyone has been so nice.”