GLOBE readers have shared their congratulations to a 24-year-old Bebington man who took home £99,000 over the weekend on an ITV quiz show.

On Saturday (April 29) Daniel O’Halloran, who currently lives in Rock Ferry, came face to face with 99 other contestants on The 1% Club which is hosted by comedian Lee Mack.

Questions on the show have nothing to do with remembering quiz trivia, they are all about applying logic, reasoning skills and common sense.

Talking about winning on the show, which was recorded in July last year, Daniel explained to the Globe that he told his family he'd only won £10,000 and kept it a secret that he'd actually gambled and won £99,000.

Wirral Globe: Daniel said he couldn't believe it when he wonDaniel said he couldn't believe it when he won (Image: ITV)

When he watched the show with them on Saturday, he said they were "going nuts" after he said he would take on the final question.

Wirral Globe: Daniel on Saturday just after his family had found out he had wonDaniel on Saturday just after his family had found out he had won (Image: Daniel O'Halloran)

Globe readers have shared their kind comments on social media, congratulating Daniel on his big win

Sarah Thory said: "We were so made up to see him win it made us tear up. Well deserved."

Anita Harwood wrote: "He was brilliant. Such a nice lad, I was made up for him." 

Amanda Brierley added: "Thrilled for him! He’s one bright lad. I couldn’t work that 1% question out that quick."

Jouli Patchouli said: "It was great to watch him last Saturday l was shouting at the telly Come on Daniel come on Absolutely made up for him. Congratulations to him."

Julie Parry wrote: "Great watch...even better someone local winning."

Michele Slack said: "He seems such a lovely lad so glad he won the money."

Kayleigh Williams wrote: "We were screaming for him he was brilliant. Well done!"

Sandra Deakin added: "Watched this episode on Saturday and he was amazing. Well-deserved win."

Elaine Hanlon said: "Held my breath so scared for him but he aced it. Well done...fully deserved x"

Gillian Kehoe said: "It was amazing such a clever young man well deserved, right time right place."

You can watch Daniel's win on