A 24-YEAR-OLD man from Bebington said he "couldn’t believe it" when he won £99,000 on an ITV quiz show, hosted by comedian Lee Mack.

On Saturday (April 29) Daniel O’Halloran, who currently lives in Rock Ferry, came face to face with 99 other contestants on The 1% Club.

Questions on the show have nothing to do with remembering quiz trivia, they are all about applying logic, reasoning skills and common sense.

The show begins with 100 contestants, who are then whittled down as they compete to make it to the end and answer a question only one per cent of the country can get right, in hopes of winning up to £100,000.

Speaking about applying for the show, Daniel, who works as a plant operator in Runcorn, said: "My parents have always been really big fans of the show and one weekend I watched it with them.

"My mum applied and I wasn’t going to, but then I got a callback and got onto the show. I’ve never applied for anything else on TV but I really liked the format of the show, the logic-based working out of things."

Wirral Globe: Daniel and his familyDaniel and his family (Image: Daniel O'Halloran)

In July 2022, Daniel, a former Wirral Grammar for Boys student, went to Manchester to film the episode.

He added: "I didn’t know how I was going to do. You only have 30 seconds on each question, but I just got my head in it for those 30 seconds.

"I remember on the day, my mum and dad both called me for half an hour separately and quizzed me, which was my revision."

After becoming the last person standing, Daniel was faced with the choice to take home £10,000 or gamble one more question to win the jackpot of £99,000.

"I always said I would take home the £10,000 if I got to the end", Daniel said.

"For the last nine months, my family had thought I’d taken the £10,000 because I wouldn’t have been able to keep a whole secret. On Saturday, we all watched it together and when I said I would take on the question they were just going nuts.

"It was just the best thing because it’s been difficult not telling them all.

"I told my grandma and that was our little secret we shared together."

Wirral Globe: Daniel filmed the episode in July 2022Daniel filmed the episode in July 2022 (Image: Daniel O'Halloran)

Daniel said on the show that he was going to arrange a party for his parent’s 25th anniversary if he won some money, but he explained the plans have slightly changed.

He said: "We’re going to a couple of festivals this year and I am going to cover the cost of the immediate family.

"It’s just been unreal. Messages have just been coming from everywhere and it’s been so nice to read positive comments from people.

"The show was just incredible, everyone who worked on the show was just so kind and lovely."

On the final question, Daniel submitted his answer, and was convinced that he had got it wrong.

He said: "I was adamant I would take the £10,000 but the moment when I was stood there with Lee Mack and 99 other people, I thought I’d regret it if I didn’t go for it.

"After thinking I’d got it wrong, I was still happy that I’d gone for it and was still happy with my choice."

You can watch Daniel's win on https://www.itv.com/watch/the-1percent-club/10a0593/10a0593a0013.