PAUL O’Grady has announced he is joining a rival station just months after his departure from BBC Radio 2.

The Birkenhead-born presenter is set to join a weekend show on Boom Radio just eight months after his exit from Radio 2 following a row over ageism with the corporation.

Paul made the decision to walk away after presenters were axed by the network and he has now confirmed that he will be fronting a new broadcast network.

The broadcasting presenter said to MailOnline: "It's great to be working with the team at Boom again. It already feels like my new radio home.

"My producer Malcolm and I are looking forward to our special TeamPOG show on Easter Sunday - who knows, this could be the start of a regular gig."

In a video shared on his Instagram ahead of his final show at the station on Sunday (August 14), O’Grady explained why he had decided to leave.

He said: “The reason I’m leaving, because everybody’s asked me this, is because I wasn’t really happy with the 13 weeks on, 13 weeks off business.

“So I did the honourable thing, I honoured my contract, gave my notice in and now I’m off.

“Thanks very much and good luck to everyone on Radio 2 and long may it continue.”

The presenter also thanked fans for their kind messages following him making the announcement earlier this month that he was leaving.