A WIRRAL archer's skills were right on target again in a competition that saw him return home with another championship trophy.

Tim Peers won the Cheshire Gents Recurve Championship on Sunday, February 26. He was also nominated for the Cheshire Archer of the Year award and won it by a mile.

It was the latest in a series of trophy for Tim, who won the National Indoor Masters Recurve championship last year and went on to win the regional championships.

Tim, a long-standing club member, coach and records officer of Wirral Archers and more recently the Cheshire County Records Officer, said: "I'm feeling very appreciative right now. I appreciate all the club members who contributed to the letter that helped me win the Cheshire Archer of the year award.

"Thank you so much for all your help and amazing support over this indoor season.

"This means a lot to me. I do think the letter will make a brilliant eulogy for me one day."

Wirral Archers nominated Tim for this prestigious award because of the immense amount of work he dedicates to the club.

Karen Hamer, chair of Wirral Archers, said: "Tim gives an incredible amount of his time to Wirral Archers; he is constantly there for club sessions and makes himself available for coaching.

"He is always encouraging, particularly with newer members, ensuring they feel part of our club family. He is also our Records Officer and has the same role for the Cheshire Archery Association, who gave him this award.

"Tim motivates all members to attend competitions, developing them further, this includes new members. He has impacted on our new juniors with this, building their confidence. Parents have been delighted with their development; this is also great for our young people’s mental health.

"Tim is our longest standing active member, he joined Wirral Archers as a junior and now, well into his sixth decade he is still with us.

"Tim inspires all by his own self development. He has participated in the Corporate Games in Greece and won Master Recurve National Indoor championship this year and has then gone on to win the Regional and Cheshire gents recurve championships.

"For me as chair, his biggest achievement is becoming Cheshire Archer of the Year 2023. He is a tremendous role model, and modest about his achievements. This impacts members, as they feel encouraged to put themselves forward for competitions."

Comments from club members, supporting Tim’s nomination included: "I can't think of a more deserved winner.

"For us he's been there from day one, with his passion for the sport and enthusiasm for the club quickly rubbing off on us. Caitlin from being a tentative attendee now can't keep away, with her confidence growing each time.

"Tim's generosity with his time, knowledge and equipment being a major part in that change. She now has a true feeling of belonging to the club and to now want to represent and do us proud in competitions is an incredible transformation in such a short period and as a parent that makes me very happy as well."

Another said: "I think you have hit the nail on so many heads there, I don't think much more can be said regarding Tim, he is the beating heart of Wirral Archers and has helped us all in so many ways.”

"Tim has been a huge help to both my daughter and me with coaching and bow maintenance and set-up. For her he has sorted a couple of issues on the Longbow and in doing so has meant she could continue to shoot it, rather than switching across to Barebow, and for me he has been incredible, he diagnosed an issue with my grip, and worked with me to correct it, in doing so he stopped me needing to aim right to hit the target!

"He also spent a lot of time working out why my bow was being noisy and fixed my string and nocking points.

"With all his help my scores have risen consistently both inside and out. Tim even coaches from across the range with visual reminders if he spots things I am not doing right".