A WOMAN from Heswall has released an illustrated children’s poem book raising awareness about gender diversity following a personal experience in her past.

Lisa Satchell-Foley, 43, and her partner, Jude, have two children, Zac, 8, and Theo, 6.

Throughout her life, Lisa had always enjoyed writing but had never thought about publishing a book.

Speaking to the Globe, Lisa said: “When I started reading books to the kids, I thought it was very gender-stereotyped and although everywhere else within the media was moving on, it seemed there was a need for more diversity in that age range.

“The journey really started from there, realising that there needed to be more diversity.”

Lisa used to be a member at the David Lloyd Club in Cheshire Oaks and while her children went to the creche she would write poems.

Wirral Globe: Lisa, her partner Jude and their two children Theo and ZacLisa, her partner Jude and their two children Theo and Zac (Image: Lisa Satchell-Foley)

She then wrote her first illustrated poem called ‘The Girl in the Dickie Bow’ in 2018, which has now been published with Full Media Ltd.

The book focuses on a young girl who struggles with her mum’s wish for her to be dressed in a dress for her auntie and uncle’s wedding.

As the day approaches, she knows only too well how she’d like to be dressed.

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Lisa added: “She is a really lovely character, and the book has really nice messages, which are strong, but done in a light-hearted and gentle way.

“The book is based on a real-life experience from my past because I was a tomboy. At eight years old my Uncle and Auntie were getting married and my mum wanted me to wear a dress.

“It takes you on a journey through relationships.

“The story has been very well received by everybody which is wonderful.”

Sarah Leigh-Willis from HappyDesigner is behind the amazing illustrations throughout the book.

Lisa said: “It was important to get the right illustrator as well. I found Sarah online and loved her name ‘happy designer’.

“I thought she was really unique and fun, and we finally got in touch, her and her husband Barry have been great to work with.”

The book is available to purchase in Linghams Bookshop, Heswall and Bear Hunt books and toys in Bebington.

It can also be purchased online at https://full-media.co.uk/product/the-girl-in-the-dickie-bow-lisa-satchell-foley/?fbclid=IwAR2iz5WLDANSRclJ5gvVB1d9oarXFK2qTXp7gW1aGnL1kf-JZJERuKtM7hE

Lisa is doing a story-time of her new book at 11am on Saturday, November 26 at Linghams Bookshop, Heswall, for anyone to attend.