A WIRRAL MP has launched a personal investigation into the proposed closure and demolition of several sheltered housing properties.

Following concern from elderly residents in the Wirral Partnership Homes, Wirral West MP Stephen Hesford is to probe the decision to demolish four schemes.

Under threat are Hoose Court in Hoylake, Ashton Court and Bridge Court in West Kirby and Barleyfield Court in Pensby.

In all, around 150 elderly residents will be adversely affected.

The first Mr Hesford knew about these radical proposals was when residents from Hoose Court visisted his constituency surgery in March.

At a meeting with WPH, he said there had been no proper consultation and that the proposals left his constituents with a very uncertain future.

Brian Simpson, chief executive of WPHs, admitted that he has no plans worked out for what to do with the residents who will be displaced, or with the sites of any of the demolished homes.

As a result of the meeting WPH agreed to provide Mr Hesford with all the paperwork involved in these decisions so that he can go over them with a fine tooth comb.

In addition, Mr Simpson is to offer an apology for not letting the MP know about the proposals and to write to him with more information about what might happen to the 4 schemes eventually.

Mr Hesford said: "This whole business has been very badly planned and I am very angry at what has happened.

"My constituents needs have been ignored.

"For example, Wirral Partnership Homes have admitted to me that there is a 90% satisfaction rating among residents at Hoose Court.

"So I just wonder in whose interests is it to destroy what largely appears to be acceptable sheltered housing schemes, particularly as there are no firm plans to re-house residents as yet.

"I am very suspicious that all these schemes have all of a sudden become unviable.

"As a result of what I have heard I am personally going to go through all the paperwork involved in this deeply unsatisfactory process with a view to having this premature decision seriously reviewed."