MORE than 50 people turned out to protest against against increases in tunnel tolls which came into force on Sunday morning.

Organised by Mersey Tunnels Users Association, the demonstration took place on the Oakdale Road bridge near the Kingsway tunnel entrance in Wallasey.

Posters and placards were clearly visible, but organisers kept away from the tunnel approaches or attempt to disrupt any traffic going though the tunnel or over the bridge.

The increases were approved by six Liverpool-based members of Merseytravel's board in February, and now car drivers will be charged £1.40 per journey through either the Kingsway or Queensway tunnels.

The Mersey Tunnel Users Association is opposed to the increases, which it has branded "totally unjustified."

Spokesman John McGoldrick told the Globe: "We appreciate the support of those who came along, and there were one or enthusiastic protestors.

"Wirral is affected by the tolls, because car drivers have to pay them and so do bus drivers. It's also having an effect on business, because there aren't many jobs in Wirral and people need to get to Liverpool so have to pay tolls if they use the tunnels."

He added: "We are planning to hold a series of public meetings about the tolls.

"The first is planned for Friday, April 25, but at the moment the time and venue have yet to be confirmed."

Other price rises affect owners of minibuses and small goods vehicles, who will be hit hardest as their toll is going up from £1.30 to £2.80 per journey.

Buses and vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes will be charged £4.20, and HGVs will have a 40p rise to £5.60.