MERSEY Tunnel Users Association will be protesting against increases in tunnel tolls when they come into force this Sunday, April 6.

Motorists are invited to join them for the demonstration on the Oakdale Road bridge off the A5139/Dock Road Seacombe, near to the Kingsway tunnel entrance in Wallasey on Sunday between 10am and noon.

Posters and placards will be visible, but organisers have no plans to go on to the tunnel approaches or attempt to disrupt any traffic going though the tunnel or over the bridge.

The increases were approved by six Liverpool-based members of Merseytravel's board in February and from Sunday car drivers will be charged £1.40 per journey through either the Kingsway or Queensway tunnels.

But owners of class-two vehicles, which include minibuses and small goods vehicles, will be hit hardest as their toll is going up from £1.30 to £2.80 per journey.

Buses and vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes will be charged £4.20 and HGVs will incur a 40p rise to £5.60.

John McGoldrick from Mersey Tunnel Users Association, told the Globe: "Drivers are already paying through the nose when they use the roads because of fuel and other taxes. There is no justification for the increase, as the Tunnels already make a large profit which goes to Merseytravel.

"If people fail to protest in one way or another, then it is likely that there will be another tolls increase in 12 months' time. The Tunnels Users hope that people will come along on Sunday morning to show the politicians that they don't want tolls, let alone increases"