RESIDENTS in Wallasey are complaining about a disused caravan which is said to have been left on their street for “over a month”.

The caravan, described by locals as an “eye sore”, has been abandoned on Church Street, Wallasey.

The burnt-out vehicle has smashed windows with some boarded up and a missing door.

Wirral Globe:

Wirral Council put a removal notice on the van on July 21 stating it would be removed within nine days.

However, the caravan is still yet to be moved.

A resident who lives on the same street as the caravan told the Globe: “This eyesore has been on Church Street for over a month now.

Wirral Globe:

“The council did put a removal notice on, but it was ripped off.

“The notice said it would be moved in nine days but that was on July 21.”

After speaking to Wirral Council, the Globe understands that the council has contacted a contractor to remove waste that is located inside the vehicle.

The council also stated the caravan is set to be removed by next week.

A spokesperson for Wirral Council said: “After being informed of this caravan the council placed a notice on it requiring its removal.

"The period for its owner to carry out the removal has now passed however, before it can be removed waste within the caravan must be taken away.

"A contractor will now do this and the caravan is expected to be removed early next week.”