A POETRY festival in Wirral is looking for poetry groups to showcase their work at this year’s event.

Wirral Poetry Festival, which will take place from October 7-9, is introducing a poetry group showcase on the Saturday of the festival to give local poets the opportunity to advertise their work.

The networking event will take place at midday at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight and will give Wirral poets the chance to meet each other.

A spokesperson for the festival told the Globe: “Poetry groups vary both in size and in what they do, so it really doesn’t matter whether you meet in a hall with 30 other people, or if it is just three or four of you sitting around the dining table.

“Even if your group is full your experience might encourage others to form similar groups of their own.

“It will be a two-hour informal session providing a chance for people to get together and chat.”

Please contact the chair of the festival, Kemal Houghton ate kemalhoughton@btinternet.com for further details.