IT'S not often you go into a theatre as a reviewer not knowing what to expect.

Granted, a lot has been written about this enigmatic musical but you have to experience it on stage live for the full impact.

Some people simply weren't prepared for this multi-layered, unique piece of theatre. Even word-of-mouth can't adequately describe what the show is about.

Shocking, sensitive, crude, and clever with an outstanding wide-ranging musical score - which is accompanied by sparkling Hollywood-styled choreography.  

Wirral Globe:

There is a warning, too: The Book of Morman is packed full of X certificate dialogue and risque visual gags.

I swear that after a while you start not to notice it  - like watching Billy Connolly in full flow.

A baptism of fire is the best way to describe it.

On paper, the tale of clean-cut, all-American religious missionaries trying to convert the street-wise, sassy folk of Uganda may not grab you - but once the storyline, performances, and the superb sets kick in you are on your way to a two-hour and fifteen minutes (including interval) production that never loses pace, momentum or the surprise factor.

Wirral Globe:

It is a musical from the people who gave us South Park and Avenue Q - two comedic brand names that never fail to be irreverent, yet topical and punchy.

There are many strands here: friendships; betrayal; modern parental pressure; religious obsession; guilt; commercialism; re-writing history and a fairly unsettling glimpse of hell featuring Hitler.

Wirral Globe:

With such a big company it's hard to single out any one cast member. Suffice to say - like the ill-fated, deluded missionary elders this is all about teamwork and this cast makes it what it is - an astonishing musical achievement.

Wirral Globe:

It is also a testament (old and new) to timing in comedy, music, and dance.

The Book of Mormon is indeed a revelation. You leave the theatre singing some dubious lyrics while having a huge smile on your face.

Ultimately this is a show with a divine twist that gives out a message of hope.

The immediate standing ovation said it all. Members of this multi-versatile cast were genuinely moved by the audience's zealous reaction.


Globe verdict

Five Stars

Praise Be  .  . . It's Unforgettable

Until August 13