PAWS for thought ... what do you do next after a royal appointment with Paddington? Globe writer Peter Grant finds out.

Actor Javier Marzan is looking forward to appearing with the cast of a much-awaited classic comedy play coming to the Playhouse for a three-week run.

One Man, Two Guvnors will delight audiences from June 29. It is based on The Servant of Two Masters.

It helped make James Corden a multi award-winning global star as the skiffle-playing Frances Henshall in a mad mix of farce, live music and non-stop laughs.

Now a sparkling brand new production is on a UK tour.

Richard Bean's English adaptation of the 1743 Commedia Dell' Arte style by Carlo Goldoni replaces the Italian period with the Brighton of 1963.

Double identities, perfectly-timed comic mayhem, disguises - the play has everything according to one of its 11 strong cast, Javier Marzan who hails from Northern Spain.

He tells the Wirral Globe: "I won't give away too much - but I play Alfie a waiter ... an old man. It is full of joy and humour and plenty of slapstick which I love.''

Javier says the show will appeal to all ages just as it did a decade ago when it ran in the West End and Broadway.

He is returning to Merseyside - a place he has fond memories of from when he worked at the Everyman and Playhouse for three productions and starred in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

He says in his Spanish accent: "Merseyside audiences are very good - they laugh a lot and love their theatres.

"I will spend time there with friends. I am so looking forward to three happy weeks."

He apologises about not giving away too much about the play as he wants to keep the many surreal surprises alive.

Javier is a past master at keeping secrets because recently he was involved with one of this year's top hush hush, magical moments when her Majesty The Queen met Paddington Bear for her stunning Jubilee summit sipping her royalty with the Peruvian bear - now a UK national treasure - Javier's skills as movement consultant were called upon.

He worked on both Paddngton films as an official movement actor. A job he loved and he will always keep close to his heart.

"It is something I shall forever treasure but again I won't say too much but it was an honour to help Paddington meet The Queen.

"I had to bite the bullet in the build up."

In the two Paddington films Javier says there were so many people working on it that you are proud to be part of a huge team with everyone playing an important part.

He remembers working on the bathroom scenes where Paddington gets up to all sorts of trouble.

''It is important the bear's movements were made clear for the animators from hius fur to his paws.''

So did people believe him when he said he was Paddington's acting coach of sorts?

'"Well I do appear as a guardsman outside Buckingham Palace in the first film - it's my claim to fame."

Now Javier is looking forward to Paddington 3 and is available should the duffle-coated super star bear needs him.

For now he is making sure his movements are top notch for the Playhouse run of One Man, Two Guvnors.

"I always love coming to Merseyside and having a bowl of Scouse.

"I hope people come and see the show - it's pure entertainment. This is live theatre with great jokes, silly situations and plenty of physical comedy - it is a whole lot of fun.''

One Man, Two Guvnors - an Octagon Theatre and Bolton Theatre by the Lake and Liverpool Playhouse Production - is on from June 29 to until July 16.

Tickets from the box office on 0151 709 4776