PROPERTY developer Peel L&P will take over the housing scheme at Wirral Waters after the original housebuilder entered administration in May.

House by Urban Splash was meant to deliver 30 modular homes to the Northbank neighbourhood, located within the East Float development area. The homes would make up the first phase of the project, which would ultimately see 347 homes in the neighbourhood.

In response to last month’s news that House by Urban Splash entered into administration, Richard Mawdsley, director of development for Peel L&P’s Wirral Waters, has now issued a statement.

He said: “Since House by Urban Splash entered into administration, Peel L&P have taken control of the East Float housing project and will be responsible for the development moving forward.

“Our contractor, who is unaffected by the administration, is onsite and key staff have been retained to ensure practical completion of Phase One of the project which comprises 30 homes.  We expect to achieve practical completion within a matter of weeks.

“The housing products we have delivered in Phase One, and plan to deliver in Phase Two, have been designed by Liverpool-based architects, shedkm. Both the ‘Town House’ and ‘Row House’ homes have been designed so they can be constructed using a variety of methods, including traditional, full volumetric and panelised delivery.

“The different approaches to delivery will not impact on key features such as the 50% reduction in energy costs when comparing Town House to a similar new build home.

“We are now working with the architects, our contractors, and others, to finalise our approach to the delivery of Phase Two, the next 55 homes, which we are confident will be delivered within the planned timescales.

“The plans for the final two phases of the East Float project do not involve the House by Urban Splash factory and will be delivered as intended.

“The overall delivery trajectory for this particular development at Wirral Waters will not be adversely affected by the closure of the factory, and it will be delivered in full and on time. East Float is one of three residential schemes now onsite along the new Northbank neighbourhood area of Wirral Waters, that will collectively deliver over 1,100 new homes in the next few years.  This includes the catalytic 500 home Millers Quay development which is also on site.  These schemes will sit alongside new public realm, parks, and dockside walkways, much of which is already complete, creating a new diverse and sustainable community at Wirral Waters.”

Peel hopes to build a total of more than 1,100 homes in the Northbank neighbourhood of Wirral Waters. Earlier this month, Peel revealed its plans for a second East Float neighbourhood.