REVISED plans for a 'more discreet' crematorium in Hooton have been submitted after feedback from local residents.

Hooton Paddocks Ltd had originally proposed that School Lane should become one way, to reduce traffic flow in Hooton, but a spokesperson for the company said local residents had persuaded them to revert to the existing two-way set-up.

Instead, visitors to the crematorium will have to turn left on exit, so that they use the Welsh Road rather than heading back up to Hooton Road and generating extra traffic through the village. The new plan also has the backing of National Highways.

Extra landscaping will take place on the northern boundary of the site to better screen views from Chestnut Farm.

This change comes after a number of residents expressed their concern that the crematorium might be seen from their properties.

The hedgerow, which is currently cut low, will be substantially enhanced and supplemented with a mix of semi-mature native trees to filter out views of the crematorium and help establish a beautiful and discreet woodland setting for funerals.

Richard Evans, one of two local brothers behind Hooton Paddocks, confirmed they were happy to make the changes.

He added: "We understand the importance of creating a tranquil, private place for funerals which is why we chose School Lane.

"We want our plans to have minimal impact on our neighbours so we were very happy to act on their suggestions.

"We understand that residents will need further time to consider the new plans and we look forward to hearing their views.”

The scheme has attracted significant support from families in Ellesmere Port.

One comment in response to the council consultation stated: "I realise that people in Hooton may not want this development but it is badly needed and I think that the location on School Lane will greatly reduce the impact."

The Hooton Paddocks scheme will be considered alongside an alternative scheme for a larger crematorium to be developed on Hooton Road has been proposed by Scottish Developers, Horizon Cremation.