WELL-KNOWN children’s television presenter and member of House of Lords,  Baroness Floella Benjamin, will visit Neston next month.

Originally born in Trinidad, Baroness Benjamin is an actress and much-loved children’s television presenter, presenting shows such as Play School, Play Away and Fast Forward.

In her autobiography ‘What Are You Doing Here?’ she describes how she arrived in London as a child and discusses issues of racism that she encountered every day.

From winning a role in the ground-breaking musical ‘Hair’ to breaking down barriers on Play School, Floella has remained true to herself.

The autobiography also reveals how she met her husband Keith Taylor, became a mother of two, hugged President Obama, and found a purpose – campaigning for the needs of children.

Sharing the lessons she has learned, the book is the moving testimony of a remarkable woman.

The book singing will be accompanied by a lunchtime talk from the Baroness on 15th July at 1pm.

Wirral Globe:

Tickets are £20, which includes a copy of the book.

For more information, please visit: https://linghams.co.uk/event/baroness-floella-benjamin-friday-15th-july-1pm/