DERREN Brown has many strings to his bow - from painter, best-selling author, mentalist, illusionist, podcaster to much-in-demand TV star with his multi-layered, jaw-dropping flights of fancy on screen.

Yet you haven't really 'experienced' Derren Brown until you have seen him on stage.

The last time I saw him perform live he asked reviewers not to give away anything we were about to see.

The same request applies again this time on a much-anticipated mammoth UK tour.

Wirral Globe: Darren Brown in Showman (Image: Mark Douet)Darren Brown in Showman (Image: Mark Douet)

I will honour that rule because why spoil a great night out - if you like to be surprised and stunned by this man who has been at the top of his game for the past three decades making his telly debut in 2000.

Now, with his first brand new theatre show in six years, Derren returns to astonish and amaze - not words used lightly when you see this enigmatic entertainer as he darts around the stage in full command.

The content of  'Showman', an absolutely spot-on description of what he is offering, remains a closely-guarded secret, but if you’ve seen him before, you know you’re in for a two and half hour journey - with an interval to catch your breath.

So I can tell you Purley-born Derren does have plenty of audience participation and he is accompanied by his crew of hand-held camera team.

And 51-year-old Derren brings along his trademark bunch of frisbees?

He said: "All I can reveal is that the show will ultimately be about you, the audience member because that’s what I find most interesting.

Wirral Globe: Darren Brown in Showman (Image: Mark Douet)Darren Brown in Showman (Image: Mark Douet)

''There are places I’d like to take you where we haven’t been before. I always aim to have it deliver more than you'd expect.

"I’m excited to be at the starting point of that process. Getting it on the road is  my favourite part of the year."

The wide-aged group audience (he recommends a 12 plus starting point) laps up every special effect from the slick lighting crew.

Back projections work seamlessly. There is also a tremendous treat in that pre-show and interval music is supplied (over the speakers) by that other legendary showman Frank Sinatra.

This stylish - sometimes haunting, sometimes hilarious  - new production is exciting, exhilarating, and extremely thought-provoking. He can hit the heartstrings as much as the funny bone

Derren gives 100 percent because he respects his audience. Now that should tell you why it's a showcase worth seeing. There is a lot of love in this show.

An evening at the theatre like no other - bring your imagination along with you. The Mind Games Master is back  .  .  .

Globe verdict

A magical mystery tour-de force

5 Stars

Liverpool Empire

Until June 4