A NURSERY in Prenton welcomed a pantomime dame who travels the UK performing stories to children and their families about being accepting of each other’s differences.

Little Learners Nursery School situated in Total Fitness in Prenton hosted Mama G who shared stories with children to help prepare them to feel comfortable living in a diverse world.

Mamma G recently featured on Britain’s Got Talent as part of Dame Nation and got a standing ovation from the judges with their rendition of It’s Raining Men.

Trisha Spurr, area manager at Little Learner Nursery, told the Globe: “Children will see transgender people, same sex couples, and people with both visible and non-visible disabilities.

“It is our duty to encourage respect and acceptance to prepare children for the unique world around us.”

She added: “Showing children that they can be whatever and whoever they want to be in a fun, yet subtle way is great to build self-confidence and self-belief from an early age.

“We strongly believe that children who are comfortable are more likely to succeed in all aspects of life, learning and development.”