A Wirral takeaway where inspectors found evidence of mice and rats was slammed in a food hygiene report.

The report, produced by environmental health inspectors, was heavily critical of the condition of Sun Wah, on Woodchurch Road in Prenton.

The document read: "The standards found at the time of the inspection were wholly unacceptable due to the widespread activity of mice that was found.

"Such conditions presented an imminent risk of injury to health."

The report said evidence was found "throughout the food business; under and behind equipment and on shelves where food and food equipment were being stored, in food equipment boxes, and next to takeaway packaging and open food".

Sun Wah was inspected on March 1 and received a zero star food hygiene rating.

A spokesperson for Sun Wah noted the date on which the inspection was undertaken and said the condition of the premises then does not reflect what it is like now.

They added that since then improvements have been made and the restaurant has paid for a reinspection, which will give it a much better rating when it is published.

Detailing issues with the building, the report added: "The structure, especially near to the chest freezer storage room was found to be maintained in a poor condition, with various entry points for pests, holes in the walls and excessive equipment that made areas difficult to clean."

On pest control issues, the report continued: "You have stated that you were unaware of the ongoing pest problem and that this is the reason that droppings had not been cleared away.

"Droppings were evident on the floor and on both high and low level shelving in the main kitchen area, shelving in the KP/Potato area, behind fridges and freezers in the chest freezer store room and in the front servery, next to takeaway packaging in the front servery area, in food equipment boxes in the main kitchen and on shelving where food was stored, inside the microwave vents and next to sauce pots.

"Rat droppings were also found in the external storeroom."

The report also drew attention to the dirty condition of the premises. One part of the document read: "The standard of cleaning at the premises was poor with a build-up of dirt, dust, debris and grease evident underneath and behind equipment and on the ceiling throughout the premises.

"This build-up of dirt and debris makes it difficult to effectively monitor the pest activity and any potential food debris provides an alternative food source for the pests which deters them from taking any bait that may be laid by your pest contractor."

Wirral Globe:

Sun Wah wanted to make it clear the external store room was separate to the kitchen (Credit Sun Wah)

There were issues with particular appliances also. The document continued: "The microwave was not clean and had mouse droppings in the vent at the top as well as being encrusted with dirt inside." In this area, the report said the issue has since been addressed.

Other areas of concern included a build-up of grease to the painted skirting, pipe work and wall area to the rear of pipework in the food rooms, while the kitchen ceiling required cleaning to remove "excessive grease".

In these areas, inspectors said Sun Wah had begun to address the issue but more work was still needed.

The premises did not have a dedicated hand wash basin for staff, enabling them to safely and thoroughly clean their hands. As well as this, inspectors found the takeaway may be putting its customers at risk of cross-contamination.

The report read: "It was deemed likely that cross-contamination would occur during the preparation of both allergens and raw/RTE (ready to eat) prep due to lack of hand washing facilities and standard of cleaning of food contact equipment."

As well as making it clear improvements have been made since the March 1 inspection, a spokesperson for Sun Wah said the premises was not left in a good condition by the previous owners and a lot of the problems found by inspectors were created before the current owners arrived.

The spokesperson also said issues regarding rodents have been resolved, as all the changes inspectors asked for were made after the initial inspection.

They added rat droppings were not found in the kitchen, but an external store room which is separate to the kitchen and was an area where the previous owners stored things. The current business does not use the area.

Addressing other issues in the report, the spokesperson said grease build-ups were mainly under the cooker, something which is difficult to clean. They said it is cleaned every two weeks. But they said grease did not build-up on food preparation surfaces.

The spokesperson added the extraction fan was broken and that this created condensation rather than grease. They said Sun Wah is getting a new extraction fan, but it will cost about £6,000 and inspectors have given them six months to do this given the cost.

The spokesperson added business is not great and they will need time to replace the extraction fan.