REPORTS of a large water leak have been sent to United Utilities for a number of weeks, but they have failed to act.

The leak is on the junction of Marshlands Road and Orchard Drive, Little Neston and has been ongoing for at least two months.

Many members of the public have confirmed that they have reported it to United Utilities after a Facebook post by Neston local Deb Domun received lots of attention.

Mary Wallace commented: “We reported it over 3 weeks ago and we got a text today saying they are working on the repair. They have to negotiate and liaise with the local authority, whatever that means. It’s been going on for an age.”

Chrissy Ashbrook commented: “My mum lives on the corner of Orchard Drive, Marshlands Road, and has reported it several times. It has been looked at twice by the water board, but they have done nothing about it.”

Louise Gittins said: “I’ve reported too, as have our highways team.”

Wirral Globe:

It has been said that gallons of fresh water are going down the drains and blackbirds are now using it to bathe in.

In response to this, a United Utilities spokesperson said: “Our teams will be in the area on Friday to repair a leak on the water main at the junction of Marshlands Road and Orchard Drive. Our priority is always to minimise disruption to customers and our team will work hard to complete the repair as quickly as possible.”