RESIDENTS in Birkenhead have praised the work of a Liverpool artist for his mural of famous country music singer Charlie Landsborough.

Artist Paul Curtis, 42, painted the mural which is featured at Birkenhead North Train Station.

Charlie Landsborough, who grew up in the North End, received almost half of the votes (46%) from residents, who were asked to choose one of three local heroes that they wanted to see featured in a new piece of artwork at the train station.

The voting was done as part of the Cradle to Career initiative which aims to transform the lives of children and young people in North Birkenhead.

Launched in May 2021, the initiative is supported by Wirral Council and charitable donations from the Steve Morgan Foundation and SHINE Trust.

The mural, which was completed on Thursday, May 5, has caught the eye of many residents in the area.

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Paul told the Globe: “I’ve had loads of great reactions from residents who were passing by.

“Even when it was just the outline. The good thing about someone like Charlie is that he has a beard and a hat, so he is recognisable even without the detail.

“So, a lot of people immediately knew who it was and were made up saying it’s about time he got recognised.

“He seems to be held in high regard both as a musician but also as a person from around here.”

The Globe shared the news of the mural on our social media and many readers took to the comments to share their thoughts on Birkenhead’s latest artwork.

Joyce Casey said: “This is amazing Paul Curtis so lifelike.”

Elaine Williamson added: “Looks amazing, Charlie will be honoured.”

Cathy Mowll posted: “Love Charlie Landsborough painting and love his singing too.”

Sharron Scott said: “I was chatting to him whilst he was painting, really nice guy.”

Sally Landsborough: “Absolutely fantastic!”

Although most notable for his singing, Charlie was also a teacher in Wirral with many remembering when he taught them.

Leanne Wilson commented: “This is amazing well deserved he was my music teacher in primary school.”

Sandra Owens said: “Well deserved great singer and was a fab teacher.”