A MURAL to one of North Birkenhead’s most famous music legends has been unveiled.

Liverpool artist, Paul Curtis, created the iconic artwork of Charlie Landsborough which is featured at Birkenhead North Train Station.

Country music legend Charlie Landsborough, who grew up in the North End, received almost half of the votes (46%) from residents, who were asked to choose one of three local heroes that they wanted to see featured in a new piece of artwork at the train station.

He beat Everton FC, Tranmere FC and England great Dixie Dean and the town’s first female mayor Lady Mary Ann Mercer to the post.

Speaking of creating the mural, Paul, 42, told the Globe: “It’s been in the works for over a year now due to us waiting for permissions to paint there but a couple of months ago it was finally confirmed.”

Paul began painting the mural on Tuesday, May 3, and finished the piece within three days.

Wirral Globe:

Paul said: “I always like doing portrait murals it's always more personal when you get to paint someone because you feel like you get to know them.”

The mural displays a photo of Charlie with his much-loved guitar as the background to the piece.

Paul said: “I gave a few designs to Charlie and his management, and they liked the design with the guitar in the background and so did I so we decided to go for that one.

“It’s a good image of Charlie and it sits naturally with the surroundings of the background, so it was a nice one to paint.”

During the painting process, Paul said he was inundated with locals complimenting his work.

He said: “I’ve had loads of great reactions from residents who were passing by.

“Even when it was just the outline. The good thing about someone like Charlie is that he has a beard and a hat, so he is recognisable even without the detail.

“So, a lot of people immediately knew who it was and were made up saying it’s about time he got recognised.

“He seems to be held in high regard both as a musician but also as a person from around here.”

As well as support from local residents, Charlie has also praised Paul's efforts personally.

Paul said: “Charlie was really nice and said he was happy with the mural.

“It's always good for me when the person who receives the mural is happy with it because it takes the pressure off.”

The mural will be officially opened by Charlie on May 19 outside Birkenhead North Station.