THERE are ongoing concerns surrounding an approved planning application to demolish a warehouse, Neston Town Council heard.

Plans will see the demolition of the existing Gittins Warehouse and the construction of a three-storey building, containing six flats with associated landscaping and parking.

The original application was presented early in 2020, revised, then received approval in November 2021, despite local objections to it being considered locally as an unsuitable suit for housing development of flats.

Cheshire West and Cheshire Cllr Keith Millar also said that the application needed to be fully discussed by the planning department on behalf of concerned residents.

Neston Cllr Pat Kynaston re-raised the concern in the meeting.

Inconvenience or care to the residents

She said: “There is no mention of inconvenience or care to the residents. Where are people going to put their bins on collection day?

“Residents have been completely ignored and given no information.”

The group discussed how the area is home to 8 houses, shops, a pub and a charity shop. The charity shop also uses the car park where the demolition will be taking place for delivery of their donations.

Cllr Stephen Wastell and Cllr Janet Griffiths agreed that the demolition is "just not practicable".

A resident of Brook Street has expressed her concerns as well, worried that she is going to end up losing the corner of her wall.

Neston Town Council statement

Neston Town Council has written the following statement: “Neston Town Council is concerned that within the Construction and Traffic Management plan no mention is made of disruption to residents and adjacent businesses and there is no evidence of procedure to avoid damage, with particular reference to 1 Brook Street and the rear of Brown Horse Pub.

“During construction, it is unclear where bins will be left on collection day. There is also no mention of access to the rear of business premises during construction and to Brook Street residents wanting to access the rear of their properties.”