PLANS have been submitted to build a block of apartments on the site of a former Wirral pub.

The new building would be constructed at the former Pool Inn on Poulton Bridge Road, in Poulton, Wirral. It will house 14 apartments.

The apartments will be a mixture of one-bedroom and two-bedroom dwellings.

The design and access statement presented to Wirral Council laid out how the applicant plans to deal with vehicle access and cycle storage.

The document read: "It is felt that the principal vehicular and service access should be from the less heavily trafficked Poulton Bridge Road. The existing vehicle access point adjacent to number 471 Poulton Road is retained for four cars and cycle storage.

"To cater for external leisure space, most dwellings include an open private terrace and areas of communal external space are likewise provided."

"The sloping nature of the site has predetermined a split-level concept for the building plan. This has in turn necessitated a short flight of steps between the passenger lift doors and the upper-level corridors. It is intended that a short wheelchair stairlift be integral with this."

The Pool Inn was originally built in 1880 but it is thought a licensed premises stood on the land as early as the 16th century. 

The pub closed in 2009 and the building was demolished a year later.