I HAVE seen the novel  Animal Farm interpreted in many formats from a TV play and radio play and many the animated versions, but I have never seen anything quite like this stunning 90-minute piece of theatre.

George Orwell’s dystopian classic fable is brought to life in a powerful, poignant, political new production where the array of animals of Manor Farm drive out the farmer and run it themselves.

A revolution revelation - but what about the aftermath? Change comes at a price.

It has been painstakingly re-imagined by an award-winning creative team with no strings attached - other than you may want to re-visit the Orwell text before you go because there is so much happening on stage in its faultless puppetry,  sound, vision, and lighting that the story itself can get over-powered by visual treats.

Wirral Globe: Clover (puppeteers Yana Penrose & Edie Edmundson) and Squeela Squeela (puppeteers Ailsa Dalling & Matt Churcher) - Animal Farm - Photography by Manuel HarlenClover (puppeteers Yana Penrose & Edie Edmundson) and Squeela Squeela (puppeteers Ailsa Dalling & Matt Churcher) - Animal Farm - Photography by Manuel Harlen

The 14 puppeteers and the talented crew work together to offer an impressive artistic achievement combining atmospheric music in each scene and cinematic staging throughout on a stark stage.

Beautifully detailed life-sized puppets with jaw-dropping expressions make this an educational, entertaining spectacle re-telling a well-known story in an exciting, innovative, and fresh way.

Director Robert Icke is no stranger to Orwell,  his acclaimed version of 1984 (co-adapted and directed with Duncan Macmillan) was a smash-hit in the West End and on Broadway.

This brand new production features puppetry by Toby Olié (whose credits include War Horse) and is designed by four-time Olivier award-winner Bunny Christie. So you are literally in vastly experienced hands.

Wirral Globe: Rayo Patel (Cockerel) - Animal Farm - Photography by Manuel HarlenRayo Patel (Cockerel) - Animal Farm - Photography by Manuel Harlen

The Children’s Theatre Partnership creates bold and imaginative theatre for young people, engaging new audiences and aiming to inspire a life-long love of theatre.

Animal Farm was Orwell’s response to Russia’s descent into dictatorship after the Revolution and the novel uses animals to think about humans, and the ways in which power structures and hierarchies form even when everybody has made a big decision to get rid of those things.

A revolution clears out a corrupt old hierarchy to give themselves freedom, and then slowly piece by piece a corrupt hierarchy – of pigs.

Little puppets give a sort of Google Earth view from the rooftop as we see them chasing each other, then when they reach a corner the life-size puppets are, panting. It's an almost all-puppet cast and they all talk.it is very clever.

And be warned some scenes of violence are upsetting in this brave and adventurous but ultimately rewarding and exciting adaptation.



Globe Verdict

5 stars

Outsanding Orwell

Animal Farm will be at the Playhouse

to Sat 30 Apr..

11 Plus age.

0151 709 4776